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jane_elliot in fanficfinder

Looking for Pretender recs!

In honor of this week's pretty, pretty icon (thanks, bluespirit_star!), I'm looking for Pretender recs.  I've not had much luck in this fandom, so I'm going to get a little pickier than usual in the hopes of finding something that I can enjoy enough to rec.

1.  Miss Parker/Jarod

2.  Long!  (I'm hoping this will help get past the 'miserable slice of life about how these two hate each other but still have sex' stories which have nearly turned me off of the entire fandom)

3.  Issues and angst are great, but I've watched several seasons of this show and Miss Parker and Jarod clearly do *not* hate each other.  Especially Jarod, who has enough affection and love for eight relationships.  So, please, can there be a little *liking* in their relationship?

4.  Re: above -- please no violence in their sex (if there is sex).  I don't know how many stories I've read where the two hit each other (not BDSM-style, but physically assault each other) during sex and it just doesn't appeal to me.

5.  Happy ending, please!

Um, good luck?  And thanks in advance!


Oh man oh man oh man. I'm totally just gonna keep refreshing this page every 5 seconds in hopes of a story because Pretender, an Miss Parker/Jarod, was probably my first ship EVER. I had so much love for this series!!
I hope we get something, too, but it's been four days, so I'm losing hope:(

*koff* You wouldn't, um, happen to have any suggestions, would you?

Hi, just thought you might like to know I posted a few recs :)
Hi, I randomly stumbled upon this community and your post was luckily on the front page :)

The main Pretender archive is http://www.pretendercentre.com/missingpieces/index.php if it changes its skin to something hideous suddenly you can go back to the main page and select Pretender1. That's the pretty one. There's some Jarod/Miss Parker stuff in my C2, because for a while the entire fandom was pretty much housed there. Sorry this is going to be really disjointed, because I'm working off a list of recs that haven't been updated in ... 3 years? And about 90% of the links are now dead.

http://www.kirbyfest.net/pretend.html Jill Kirby's Pretender fics meet all of your requests. She's an awesome writer and her characterisation is great. There's wonderful tension between the characters and she plays out their dyamic excellently. It's been a few years since I've really been involved in the fandom but from the top of my head Communication is Jarod/Miss Parker and most excellent. True is exceptionally well written, Jarod/Miss Parker (implied and/or explicit? Oh it's been too long) and Miss Parker/Thomas. AU in which Thomas didn't die in Wake Up.

Ellito Silver is one of my favourite writers in all of the fandom. She writes lyrically and beautifully. Her works are all Jarod/Miss Parker to a degree or another. I can't promise happy endings for all of them, but they are really, really good.

Paper Snowflakes starts of the series by Oriana which remains one of my favourites. They're a series of stories revolving around Jarod/Miss Parker relationship. It's a happy ending if you just don't read the last story. Don't worry, it's great along the way. Especially The Trick is To Keep Breathing. Her other stories have happy endings and are just as great. Definitely check them out.

Keeper March writes NC-17 Pretender stories that are awesome.

Schuyler's works are currently hosted on this page, along with other stories by Catherine, who is just as good.

Sezzie writes Jarod/Miss Parker. Not always happy endings, but always good. Watch the warnings if you're concerned.

Anr has some great stuff. As does Ginger.

There are also a few writers on lj who post Pretender stories. I think you should probably be able to find them through anr's lj, because I've lost track of them.
Oh, man, you are my hero! Thank you!

(I love this comm:)

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