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Feb. 11th, 2017


Specific Twilight fanfic!

I have found this fic and lost it multiple times. I am searching for a spesific Jasper/Bella fanfic. The doc starts out with it explaining Charlie's funeral, Jasper helps her through it and in the end the two of them end up together.

Feb. 2nd, 2017

red and black angel


Charmed Fanfic Rec

I'm not looking for a specific fic, more recs of a specific type of fic, so I hope this is allowed. I couldn't find  a Charmed-specific community that this might be more appropriate at, so here it goes. I recently got reintroduced to Charmed and it has left me wondering, are there any fics out there where future Chris and baby Wyatt get along right from the start? I know in the actual show Wyatt finds him threatening and puts up a forcefield against him, but is there anything out there where baby Wyatt somehow senses some sort of familial bond and adores Chris? And Chris doesn't mean to adore the future's evil overlord right back, but he does love his brother and can he help it if baby Wyatt is just so darn cute? And maybe the sisters and Leo are a little confused and/or freaked out by the way Wyatt is always demanding to be picked up or played with or just Chris's attention in general? I know that request manages to be somehow both really specific and really open-ended, but I have my fingers crossed that someone can recommend something at least vaguely similar. Hitting the high points, at least. Thank you so much!

Jan. 20th, 2017



The Hobbit Fan fic: Thorin revived/healed by stone

I read a fic once where dwarves may be returned to life after laying in the tomb of stone (for maybe a year?). The Company waits to see if Thorin, Fili, and Kili will be given another chance. I think Bilbo did not know and had returned to the Shire thinking they were dead. I am pretty sure it started as a prompt on the Hobbit Kink meme, but may have been posted to A03.

Please help. I have been looking for this fic for two days.

Jan. 19th, 2017

steampunk alice Cheshire


Trying to find a Avengers/Thor/Captain America Fic

I've been looking in fanfiction.net and AO3, but I can't find this fic.
What I remember is this:
A general comes to Darcy Lewis about some Jericho Missiles that have been altered by alien tech; the black op group that was suppose to get them out of terroist hands were captured an are now strapped to the missiles.

Darcy can disable the missiles but she needs to be onsite.  Bucky goes with her and is saluted for being the longest held Prisoner of War.

I think that Darcy was Tony Stark's daughter, but I'm not sure if that was in this fic or not. I do remember that Tony was somewhere else with the rest of the Avengers, which is why Darcy had to go fix the missiles.

Please let this sound familiar...I've been searching everywhere!?! and it's driving me crazy!!!

Jan. 16th, 2017


Searching for a doctor who fic

So in this fic (which I read on fanfiction.net) theres this girl thats really super humanly smart (because I'm pretty sure she used to be a time lady and she used the chameleon arch or something like that) and the doctor wants to meet her because apparently later on in her life she just disappears and no one knows what happened to her(the night she disappeared there was a ton of blood in her bathroom). Both her parents died in a car crash when they were on their way to her violin recital I believe. She ends up traveling with the doctor and Rose, and she and the doctor fall in love and have a kid who happens to be Jack Harkness. I think at one point she falls down an elevator shaft and Jack saves her, and also she gets kidnapped later in the story and the 11th doctor has to save her if I remember correctly. That's really all I remember and I've been looking for it for a while.

Jan. 9th, 2017

Apple Tori


More an author search really...

Hey guys, I'm in desperate need of help. I've been driving myself loopy trying to find an amazing author - you know, one of those that you read all their stuff even though it's not your otp and it still gets you? Well, this author was on ff.net, but for whatever reason it says story not found for the one I bookmarked. Okay, she wrote bleach slash/Yaoi fiction. There were a couple of shunuki fics - with the two of them in the library searching for information after Aizen's betrayal and ukitake falls off the ladder and shunsui helps him down, they talk about why shunsui has sake and he jokingly asks if libraries are dry, then they make love. In another it's their academy days and they train in a field where you can see stars above you and they meander back to their dorm and it's a 'first time' fic with beautiful little images of how shunsui gets clocked in the nose when ukitake starts coughing and in the years to come he avoids it by almost knowing how many coughs till ukitake covers his mouth, and how the water shunsui passes him makes his lips wet and slightly pink because of his cough. She (and that is an assumption on my part) also writes a couple of byakuya/ichigo fics, one in particular where they're sharing a bath and talking about apologies - how Hisana had apologised for not loving byakuya, and he'd been holding onto his bitterness about it for years, but Ichigo tells him that at least she apologised, and that was more than some people got and all you could really ask from someone. She also wrote a really memorable story for a pairing I've only ever read from her, which was ryuuken/uryuu ishida, it was called 'home' and featured uryuu battling with an awkward love for his father - he explains it as how he'd taken over for his mother (after her death), in cooking and cleaning and tie-fixing and lunchbox making, and how he wanted the same benefits afforded to her for himself; his father's unprejudiced ear and his physical love. There's a definite feeling of self-hatred hanging over the first half of the fic. In the second half, Ryuuken leaves for the hospital, and Uryuu wanders into his fathers bedroom, and can still smell his aftershave and feel the steam from his fathers shower, and so begins to pleasure himself on his bed; however, Ryuuken has to come home because of the snow, and catches Uryuu. He asks if it's a punishment, which causes Uryuu to break down and admit that he's been a wife to Ryuuken for so long now, that he can't help but feel this way. Ryuuken thinks to himself that he had realised, too late it seems, that he had been treating Uryuu as a wife and had in the past few years been cold and distant to him to try and stop this from happening - as Uryuu had fallen into that role so naturally, and was quite as beautiful as his wife had been - that he had similar feelings. They then make love, with Ryuuken at one point telling Uryuu to quieten as they wouldn't want the neighbours to be disturbed. Uryuu smiles at the end and reflects on how their house had once again become a home. Please, please help me if you can, if anyone knows who the author is, or where else the stories might be archived. Thanks in advance!


Jan. 6th, 2017


Looking for Dean/Castiel FanFic.

What I remember is that Dean was depressed. He ran away and rented a flat over a florest shop. I am not one hundred percent sure but he may have painted. Cas and Dean has twins and Cas was so upset because Dean had a child in the pass and he thought that this child had died and he was put back in a mental hospital. Castiel did not know what to do, having two babies to look after. He visited Dean in the hospital, and told him he would not leave him. I had a feeling that Hitchcock's Birds come into it some-ware but I have read so many fics I may have got that mixed up. I remember it was sad but it was a good fic to read.

Dec. 18th, 2016


Looking for a Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic


So awhile ago I read this watching the show fanfic for Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood called Truth Revealed. I absolutely loved it and it's probably my favorite fanfic I've ever read! But when I went back to reread it I saw that I got deleted for copyright so I was wondering if anyone has a pdf of it or knows where to find it I've looked everywhere and can't find it

Dec. 12th, 2016



timetraveling Sirius Black wip


I am searching for a time traveling Sirius Black fic. He went back from HPs 5th year to days before the attack of the Potters. I know it’s not "Slytherin Black from Jilly James".
The Goblins were involved and there was some anti Dumbledore.
Arcturus Black was part of the fic as well.

It’s probably a rough trade fic but I'm not sure.
Unfortunately I forgot Author and Title, so I can't even find out if the fic was ever finished.

Thank you all


Looking for a few twilight wolfpack fics

Hey, im looking for three wolfpack fics. The first one was definitely called 7/11 and it was by Ria M Write. I dont know if she deleted it, but it was on fanfiction.net but it no longer is. It was about all of the boys and a family of like seven sisters. Basically they all imprinted or something on one of the sisters, and i think colin imprinted on the mom? The reason its called 7/11 is because of one of the early on meetings where the girls see the boys when theyre at 7/11.
The second and third one are essentially the same story told in different POVs. The first one was in Embry's POV, and he fell for this girl who was the pastor's daughter and new in town. He and Quil helped out with repairing the house, and just generally hung out with her. Quil was also sporting a pretty big crush on her from day one but she wasnt insterested. Neither of them imprinted on her though. HOWEVER Quil does this weird late imprint thing and i remember vividly he had to camp out at Sam and emilys house hecause his pupils were dialated and he was trying to hide it from Embry. After this Quil goes on this date with the girl(I think her name was like Annabell or something) to a drive in movie theater and annabell punches this girl, it was pretty great. Anyway, Quil and Annabell wind up together after some turmoil i cant quite remember. I think it was called something like the other beta? Please please please help me find these fics.

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